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LEMAN Veture Partner

Venture Private Equity Funds & Growth Funds

Start-ups Fund raising & Virtual CFO Advisory

Entrepreneurship to enrich humanity with technological progress and innovation,

Leman Venture Partners invest in that innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to identify innovative entrepreneurs who foresee the future and join them in the process of creating tomorrow's innovative companies that will change the world.  Such things make the innovative company, its employees, and investors happy. We hope that happiness will spread and make humanity more advanced.

Company Overview

Company Overview

Founded in 2018, Leman Venture Partner,Ltd is a specialized investment company to innovative ventures and start-ups.

Leman VP invest and support to innovative companies in various rapid growth industries.

Leman invest directly as a co-GP of Venture Private Equity Fund for venture companies in the growth stage and 

Do Fundraising Advisory  to the start-ups and series A stage ventures, and support to specializes in Virtual CFO Advisory (IR, IPO sector).

Leman Venture Partners manages and operating a small and medium-sized project fund that is investing in innovative venture companies in the pre-IPO stage by securing many years of investment know-how and diverse networks in the IB sector. In addition, Leman VP has successfully completed Fund Raising Projects for a number of innovative venture sectors such as Fintech biz., Healthcare, and Medical Education, formed an additional Growth Fund, and proceeded with IPO process through virtual CFO Advisory.


Founder & CEO

The founder and CEO of Leman Venture Partner,Ltd, Jae-In Ryou, has about 25 years of experiences in investing and operating VC funds, performing venture companies’ IPO, and operating VC PEFs in IB Sector especially ECM. 

After graduating with an engineer degree from HY University, He gained a deep understanding for  technology and IP commercialization through R&D experience of venture companies. 
He then joins VC industry in 1996 and has been a representative fund manager of many leading VCs such as TG Venture, Partners Venture, I-One (KTB-based VC) and has achieved outstanding performance in managing the VC funds. 


Since then, He worked as a venture company CFOs, chief operator on process IPOs, and fund manager of fund to invest KOSDAQ-listed small cap companies mainly. In 2018, He founded Leman Venture Partner to carry out direct investment, fund-raising, and IR/CFO advisory services in various innovative and rapid growth start-ups. Recently he was appointed as an IPO Specialist and working as an IPO support expert for IPO-ready companies. 

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